Lode Runner Flash

The basic idea behind the Lode Runner game is very familiar. Climb the ladders, collect the objects, avoid your enemies, and dig holes for them to fall into. Several points, though differentiate it from all the seen-it-before games.

Firstly, there is a sheer number and variety of the screens. Each contains an ingenious and challenging combination of ladders to climb, poles to slide along and different types of flooring.

Secondly, there is the edit facility. This allows you to change any of the screns, adding ladders, poles, gold, enemies, or whatever you want, to change the whole atmoshpere of this Lode Runner ROM.

You can play Lode Runner flash, chineze version, on the main page. Here you may play a Java version.

Select Kempston. Then use arrows and Ctrl to play Lode Runner Flash.

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